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Get Involved: Winning in the 2008 Elections

The Brady Campaign will work hard in the upcoming 2008 elections to help elect candidates who champion common sense solutions to gun violence. We will continue to build on the momentum we have made in recent years to elect lawmakers who share our vision and our priorities

But we need your help! Here are some ways for you to get involved:

Volunteer for Your Favorite Candidate

One key way to get involved and make a difference is to volunteer for a candidate.

Choose a candidate who has a record of supporting gun violence prevention issues — or take a look at our list of endorsed candidates — and pick one to volunteer for. When you volunteer, tell the candidate that you are a member of the Brady Campaign, or a Million Mom March Chapter, and that our issue is a priority for you.

If you aren't sure where to start, fill out our election ACTION NOW! form and we'll help connect you to races in your area.

Contacting the 2008 Presidential Candidates

John McCain (R)
John McCain 2008
Barack Obama (D)
Obama for America

Five Questions for Candidates

  1. Justice Scalia's U.S. Supreme Court opinion in the Washington, D.C. gun case stated that the Second Amendment right is not absolute and that many reasonable restrictions on guns are still Constitutional. Do you agree?
  2. Do you support Brady criminal background checks at all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows?
  3. Do you support a strong, effective federal ban on military-style assault weapons?
  4. Do you support strengthening law enforcement's efforts to stop the illegal gun market, such as limiting bulk gun sales and the use of new technologies like micro-stamping to help solve and prevent gun crimes?
  5. Do you support legislation requiring child safety locks on all new handguns?

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